The Challenge

WM Housing Group, one of the Midlands’ largest social landlords, asked us to help launch a major recruitment drive to attract fresh talent. They wanted something visual to convey the range of career opportunities available, the scope of their business and impact of their work.

The Solution

We created an animated video with a quirky, paper cut-out style which powerfully showcased the diversity of their employment opportunities. The recruitment ‘brand’ we devised – ‘Be at the heart of WM Housing’ – is reinforced with a pulse effect through their logo and by setting the animation to music with a heartbeat rhythm, generating an uplifting sense of life, vibrancy and excitement.

Wow! Really pleased – it’s looking great. The video definitely has the look and feel I wanted so I’m delighted, and looking forward to seeing the final cut!

WM Housing Group, Jackie Molloy

Proud of Our Achievements

We are particularly proud of this piece of work because not only did the video delight our client and deliver real benefits to the business, but it was great fun to work on. It required an innovative and intelligent approach, harnessing the range of creative talents within our team.