The Challenge

At a challenging time in its history, Medway NHS Foundation Trust asked us to provide design services which would help get key messages across to stakeholders and staff.

The Solution

To raise awareness of Medway’s successes and achievements, we created an eye-catching banner chronicling key milestones in its history which was based around the image of a stethoscope. We also produced a colourful visual representation summarising the trust’s strategic aims in a clear, concise and easy to understand way.

Further projects included designing the lay-out of Medway’s 148-page annual report and accounts, which involved bringing our creative skills to bear to present sometimes very complex, detailed information in a very accessible, reader-friendly way.

We spearheaded an internal communications campaign which involved producing a range of creatively designed material including a suite of striking posters promoting its ‘Hands Aware’ drive to reduce the spread of infection in its hospitals.

Proud of Our Achievements

Our work helped successfully spread important messages and had a positive impact in getting across the trust’s strategic plans for the future to staff, partners and other stakeholders.