We have launched a fun, festive charity campaign to help transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

To mark Word Association’s 25th anniversary – and to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas – our team is challenging people to create gingerbread houses which will help pay to build a real family home in the developing world.

For the ‘Home Sweet Home’ campaign, we have sent out gingerbread house-making kits to hundreds of organisations we have worked with during our history, laying down the challenge.

Having made the house, participants need to take a photo of their completed creation and tweet it – with #HomeSweetHome – by 23rd December.

For every one, we have pledged to donate £3 to homeless charity Reall. The target is to raise a total of £4,000, which will pay to build a real house for a homeless family in Africa.

Word Chief Executive Mark Thomas said: “At Word, we have always been committed to changing lives through the power of communication.

“As such, over the last quarter of a century, we have worked with countless charities and housing organisations.

“So this cause – building homes to make a real difference to homeless people in some of the world’s poorest communities – is one which is very close to our hearts.

“We hope as many organisations and individuals as possible join us in supporting this campaign.”

Reall (Real Equity for All), previously known as Homeless International, is a UK-based international development organisation dedicated to providing decent homes and building communities for people living in slums across the developing world.

Alan Machin, Head of Housing Sector Development at Reall, said: “We are delighted that Word has launched such a fun campaign for such a good cause, particularly at a time of the year when many people are thinking of those less fortunate than themselves.

“By supporting ‘Home Sweet Home’, we can all help make a difference to the one billion people living in slums worldwide.”

To support the Home Sweet Home campaign, go to www.wordassociation.co.uk for more details or donate at www.justgiving.com/homesweethomeWAReall/