Our staff and clients got creative to build festive gingerbread houses which have raised much-needed funds for homeless people in some of the world’s poorest communities.

As specialists in the housing and charity sectors, we launched the fun fundraising campaign just before Christmas.

To mark Word’s 25th anniversary – and to celebrate the true spirit of the season – we challenged people to create gingerbread houses which will help pay to build a real family home in the developing world.

The ‘Home Sweet Home’ campaign involved sending out gingerbread house-making kits to various partners we have worked with over the years and, for each house photographed and tweeted about, £3 has been donated to homeless charity Reall.

Housing associations, charities and local authorities were among the 40 organisations that got on board, raising nearly £1,000 towards building a real house for a homeless family in Africa.

Word Chief Executive Mark Thomas said: “We’ve had some fantastic entries for this challenge and we want to thank everyone who has taken part.

“Some of the gingerbread houses are real works of art, revealing a lot of imagination and creativity, with people adding their own unique features – everything from dinosaurs and jelly babies to the more traditional Father Christmas and nativity figures.

“It’s been great fun to see what people have come up with and we are delighted to have raised a considerable sum towards a cause which is so close to our hearts.”

Reall (Real Equity for All), previously known as Homeless International, is a UK-based international development organisation dedicated to providing decent homes and building communities for people living in slums across the developing world.

Alan Machin, Head of Housing Sector Development at Reall, said: “We’ve really enjoyed seeing the amazing housebuilding creations people have built in support of this campaign – and we are very grateful for their support.

“Through campaigns like this, we can all help make a difference to the one billion people living in slums worldwide.”

To support the Home Sweet Home campaign, visit www.justgiving.com/homesweethomeWAReall/