The Challenge

Cotesbach Educational Trust is an East Midlands-based charity dedicated to educating people about the local area’s heritage, environment and the arts.

Supported by Arts Council and Heritage Lottery funding, the trust launched its ‘Re-writing the archives – bringing history to life’ project. This involved inviting five professional playwrights to each write a short radio play inspired by their research into the charity’s extensive archives.

The Solution

To showcase their work – and promote the wealth of material in the archives – we were commissioned to produce an innovative microsite within the trust’s website. The result was an interactive, multi-media site using CSS3 animations to host the audio plays.

Site visitors click on images related to each of the plays to access an animated retro-style tape recorder and can view related artefacts, documents, maps and photographs while they listen to the recordings.

Proud of Our Achievements

This imaginatively designed microsite has successfully promoted the work of the charity, while educating a wider audience about its archives and the history of the Cotesbach estate.