The Challenge

As a leading UK wig retailer, Continental Wigs recognised that the shift from mail order to online shopping called for a change in the way they communicated with customers. They realised they needed expert help in harnessing the power of social media to reach a wider audience and further boost sales.

The Solution

Working closely with the team to get to grips with their business, core values, future direction and desired image, we identified the best platforms for their needs. We agreed an overall look and style for their social media, set up an Instagram account, transformed their Facebook page, then drew up and implemented a successful social media strategy which included competitions, YouTube videos and a range of digital marketing tools such as the phenomenally effective micro-influencers.

We have built up an excellent relationship with Word – they are part of our team, going above and beyond the brief to reach new customers

Michael Lamont, Managing Director, Continental Wigs

Proud of Our Achievements

As well as raising this company’s profile on a global scale and generating a massive rise in sales through increased online customer engagement, we are proud of the close relationship we have built up with their team – which they describe as ‘wonderful and refreshing’.