The Challenge

The Myasthenia Gravis Association (MGA) was eager to raise its profile and attract more support for its work to help people with this rare but debilitating disease. The charity’s decades-old, outdated and unappealing logo was not helping its image – so we were asked to conduct a re-brand in an effort to attract more, especially younger, members.

The Solution

We devised a fresh, positive and contemporary new identity for MGA which included coming up with a new name. ‘Myaware’ incorporated an element of the organisation’s original name with a key aspect of its work – raising awareness of a little-known condition. The new logo was designed to suggest a smile, a friendly look which also referenced a symptom of myasthenia – an inability to smile. Along with a rallying strapline, ‘Fighting Myasthenia together’, we successfully transformed the image of this increasingly influential medical charity.

I am delighted. The new look is a huge improvement – as is the website, which is wonderfully professional.

Myaware patron, Nick Ross

Proud of Our Achievements

We were delighted to see how happy Myaware’s bosses and supporters were with the re-brand. At Word, our team takes pride in striving to make a real difference through our work, so we were also thrilled to see the long-term, tangible, positive impact it had on achieving the charity’s goals.